DIY Meal Packing

The poverty-stricken are greatly impacted by economic fluctuations, and we need our volunteers and donors now more than ever. When businesses change operations, and our families don’t have work, or reduced hours, or illness, it causes a measurable impact on family income and ability to provide for children.  This year we will deliver more than 1.2 million healthy meals directly to the homes of hungry children.  Over spring break alone we will share more than 30,500 meals, and we need the support of this incredible city to make sure we are feeding as many children as possible.
Ways to help –
  1. Donate– every $2 makes and delivers a healthy meal directly to the homes and into the hands of hungry children
  2. DIY Shelf stable meals– (full directions on website)- a lunch bag with a small water bottle, shelf-stable milk box or 100% juice, a fruit cup or squeeze fruit, a protein. a snack.
  3. DIY Bag decorating– (full directions on website)- we need more than 1.2 million bags this year and our children LOVE when they are decorated- use markers, stickers, stamps, dad jokes, knock knock jokes, educational, mazes, etc.
  4. Volunteer– we need 20-100 volunteers every weekday in our kitchen. Our needs DOUBLE next week when during Spring Break we feed not only our children but their older siblings. The majority of children in HoustonISD qualify for free/reduced meals, so when school is not in session their main food source is gone. Kids’ Meals is here to ensure nutritional needs are met.
For more information- 713-695-5437 and sign up to volunteer