Ways to Volunteer


It takes hundreds of volunteers each week to prepare and pack thousands of meals. Volunteer shifts at Kids’ Meals are Monday-Friday 9am-12pm and 12:30pm-2:30pm. Kids ages 8 and above are welcome to volunteer! All children under 18 must be supervised by an adult at all times. To sign up to volunteer, click here. If you are interested in volunteering at Kids’ Meals – Montgomery County, click here.


We need over 1.5 million lunch bags each year! You can help make them special. Simply buy a pack of standard, 6 lb. brown lunch bags and unleash your inner artist. Decorate with markers, crayons, stamps, stickers, riddles, knock knock jokes, mazes,  or encouragement. NO glitter please! This is a great volunteer opportunity for ALL ages and ALL artistic skill levels. These decorated bags will be filled with food and delivered to hungry children across Houston. You can drop your decorated bags off at our offices Monday – Friday between 9am – 2pm, or mail them to us. Our address is 330 Garden Oaks Blvd. Houston, TX 77018. Download this flyer with all the details!


Assemble shelf-stable DIY Lunches from your own location! Purchase pre-packaged nonperishable food items and standard 6 lb. brown bags (decorated if you’d like). See our list of acceptable items. Health code prevents us from accepting any homemade items. Assemble as many bags as you’d like. Each bag should contain from item from each category on the list (protein, snack, fruit, and drink). You can drop your DIY lunch bags off at our offices Monday – Friday between 9am – 2pm. Our address is 330 Garden Oaks Blvd. Houston, TX 77018.  Download this flyer with all the details!  If you have questions, email volunteer@kidsmealsinc.org


Each summer, from June 1 – August 31, teams from around Houston compete to be crowned the Juicebox Champion. During the summer, we deliver meals to ALL the school-aged children in the homes on our routes. This requires a lot of jukeboxes, typically around 500,000. It’s super easy and fun to get involved! Get all the details here. If you have more questions, email chris@kidsmealsinc.org



Preparing, packing, and delivering over 7,000 meals per day requires a lot of food supplies. In addition, Kids’ Meals delivers weekly grocery bags to families with fresh produce, canned goods, and more. You can set up a general food drive to collect items that will help feed the families on our routes. To find out what are most needed items currently are, email john@kidsmealsinc.org



We go through approximately 7,000 sandwich bags every weekday. You can host a zip-loc bag drive or pick up a few boxes while you do your own shopping. You can download this flyer and post it at your office, church, or anywhere you want to host a drive. Bags can be dropped off Monday-Friday, between 9am – 2pm, at 330 Garden Oaks Blvd., Houston, TX 77018. Contact john@kidsmealsinc.org for more information.


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