Forbes Magazine writes, “Whether they like it or not, boardrooms and the C-suite are facing growing pressure to demonstrate to their stakeholders and society that their value systems are not meaningless words on a wall or annual report, but rather important pillars they will stand on when challenged.” Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is more than a buzzword. With 55 percent of consumers willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies and 93 percent of the world’s companies now publishing annual CSR reports, it’s clear that for-profit organizations can no longer rely simply on revenues and stock prices. Companies with a CSR program allocate resources toward a cause, community, or initiative. Forbes, also reports that companies are using CSR as a way to push innovation, cost savings, brand differentiation, long-term thinking, customer engagement, and employee engagement

Our wonderful partner, Exclusive Furniture, is putting CSR in action. They came to us back in the beginning of the fall with ideas for a potential partnership. They are such a great example of the power of corporate/nonprofit partnerships. They hosted events benefiting us, spread awareness, volunteered, and donated $20,000 to make and deliver 11,561 free, healthy meals to hungry children under age 6. We have the privilege of coming to know “Super Sam” and the Exclusive Furniture family more and more through their partnership with us. Thank you, Exclusive Furniture, for your generosity, kindness, and compassion toward us and our mission. Interested in partnering with us? Email for more information.