Rosa Amalia C. is a mother of 9, struggling, with little to no means to support her family. Originally from Honduras, she, along with her husband and only three of their youngest children (one set of 3-year-old twins, and a 5-month baby), moved to Houston, TX for safety reasons. Unfortunately, she was not able to bring the rest of her children with her due to her financial situation.

Rosa and her husband are currently unemployed, and do not have a vehicle. “Times are very hard – we are barely getting by with paying our rent, and at the moment don’t have light. We don’t have a car so it’s hard to go out to look for help, which is why I love Kids’ Meals – they bring the help to us. It’s hard getting on a Metro with 3 children, and it’s impossible to walk everywhere with them.”

Kids’ Meals is more than just a free, home-delivered meal for her family, it is their ticket to survival. “The meal Kids’ Meals delivers is the only meal my children eat some days… they cry with excitement when they hear the van and jump out of their bed to run outside to receive their meal. I know they are grateful for their meals and extra food they are able to have because without Kids’ Meals, they wouldn’t have anything to eat.”

Rosa, with three of her children: Set of 3-year old twins- Rosa and Paulino, 5-month baby, Sebastian