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Kids’ Meals’ first ever Capital Campaign, Building Hope, is launching to raise funds to support the purchase and renovation of a purpose-built facility that will allow the organization to deliver meals to the homes of an unprecedented number of hungry preschool-aged children. 

Kids’ Meals is the nation’s only free, home meal delivery program targeting preschool-aged children and the Campaign will position the organization to make and deliver 26,000 meals a day by 2031.

With 1 in 4 Houston children facing food insecurity, we need to act now to capacity-build to meet the needs of our youngest and most vulnerable Houstonians. 95% of a child’s brain develops in their first five years of life, so ensuring they have the daily nutrition they need to grow to their fullest potential is more critical than ever. Houston is a city that leads the nation in so many areas and can be the first to end childhood hunger. We can further leverage our daily touchpoint in Houston’s most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods where social determinants of health indicate that food is a primary need and an access point into the deeper issues facing poverty-stricken children.

Beth Harp

CEO, Kids' Meals Inc.

Susan and I first became involved with Kids’ Meals when we saw the enthusiasm our Group 1 employees had regarding volunteering their time to prepare lunches. It is simply unacceptable that there are tens of thousands of hungry children right here in Houston. If we can provide a custom-built production facility for Kids’ Meals, we can expand their capacity and feed thousands more.

Earl Hesterberg

President and CEO, Group1 Automotive, Chair of Building Hope Capital Campaign

Kids’ Meals encourages all Houstonians to help us provide food to children who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Together, we can create a better future for these children and our city by providing nutritious food during a critical time in their development.

Neil Russell

Chairman of the Kids' Meals Board , Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Sysco

Why Now?

Houston already has the highest rate of child food insecurity in the nation.  The pandemic compounded the situation by creating a long-term economic impact that experts predict will affect low-income families for many years.  Combine those families with the 20,000 children who need our services – today – who we are unable to serve due to insufficient space, making it imperative that we build to end childhood hunger in Houston. With 1 in 4 Houston children facing food insecurity, we need to act now.

Our Solution

Since its inception in 2006, the organization has delivered more than 8 million free, healthy meals to the homes of hungry children in 42 zip codes across the city.  In 2021 alone Kids’ Meals will deliver a record 1.6 million free meals, 325,000 grocery bags and connect families with more than 52 essential wrap-around services. Our goal is to feed 26,000 children per day by 2031.


Case Statement

Want to understand more about the Building Hope Capital Campaign or view our Case Statement? Email Cynthia Stielow, Chief Development and Communications Officer.


The Proposal

The current Kids’ Meals facility is a lease without enough space or parking to meet the sky-rocketing demand.  The organization is looking for 4-6 acres, 50,000 square foot building, 150 parking spots in a central location near its current area of Heights/Garden Oaks.

This purpose-built building will accommodate more than 36,000 volunteers annually, help expand Kids’ Meals daily meal delivery as well as build upon life-changing collaborative partnerships with community partners, increase refrigerator/cooler space, and position Kids’ Meals to continue to lead the fight against childhood hunger.

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