Share your birthday and help end childhood hunger in Houston!  Wanting something more than another knick-knack or gift card on YOUR big day this year?  Why not share your birthday with hungry children?  We have made it super easy to celebrate your birthday by joining Kids’ Meals Birthday Club and changing the lives of hungry Houston children.  Every $2 donated makes and delivers a meal directly to the homes of hungry children right here in Houston.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

  • Step 1: Create your personalized birthday fundraising page
  • Step 2: Set a goal. How much do you want to raise to help end childhood hunger in Houston? Are you turning 18, 30, or 50? Ask your friends and family to donate in amounts matching your age if you want.
  • Step 3: Spread the word by sharing your individual link. Let everyone know about your birthday wish through social media, text, email.

We will use all of the funds raised by YOUR big day to make and deliver meals directly to the homes of hungry Houston children.

Here’s a sample email you can copy and paste to spread the good news-

Hello friends and family!

Instead of giving me a gift this year at my birthday party, please consider making a donation to a charity close to my heart, Kids’ Meals. Since 2006, Kids’ Meals has delivered nearly 6 million meals to children who may otherwise not eat. Every $2 my birthday fundraiser receives will make and deliver a healthy meal directly to the home of a hungry child.  I can’t think of a better birthday gift!   My fundraising goal is (fill in the blank), and I am hoping you will help me do something meaningful to celebrate my birthday.   Please join me in changing not just a child’s meal time, but their life time!  Just click the below link to join the fun, and thank you!


Please allow about an hour for your campaign to be activated by our site administrators before promoting.

For any questions, please contact

Feeding Hungry Children Right At Their Doorsteps

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